Tame Your Overgrown Greenery

Arrange for tree trimming services in Winston-Salem or Walkertown, NC

Are unkempt trees taking over your property? We can help. Choose Lawn Care by Design LLC for tree trimming services in Walkertown, Winston-Salem, NC, or a surrounding area. You can hire us to trim overgrown branches to improve the appearance and health of your trees. Our team has experience trimming all types of trees.

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How can routine trimming benefit your trees?

How can routine trimming benefit your trees?

Lawn Care by Design takes on tree trimming projects in Winston-Salem, Walkertown, NC, and surrounding areas. We can trim your trees to help them grow strong and healthy. A quick trim can:

  • Increase sun exposure and air circulation
  • Keep your trees from developing broad, weak branches
  • Help your trees grow into the proper shape
  • Halt the spread of pests and diseases

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