Don't Settle for a Dirty, Dingy Exterior

Schedule a pressure washing services in Walkertown, Winston-Salem, NC, or surrounding areas.

An exterior that's covered in dirt and grime can make your home look old and run-down. Fortunately, restoring your property is as easy as hiring a professional pressure washing service from Lawn Care by Design LLC.

Our skilled team can use the power of pressurized water to blast away years of dirt, algae and stains. We can give your exterior surfaces an even, attractive cleaning without damaging your property. Make an appointment for sidewalk or driveway pressure washing in Walkertown Winston-Salem, NC  or a surrounding area today.

Trust the pros with your pressure washing

Trust the pros with your pressure washing

Pressure washing might sound like a DIY project. But there are several reasons to hire a professional pressure washing service instead of doing the project yourself. Rely on us because…

  • You won’t have to risk injury with a powerful pressure washer
  • Our team has the experience to wash surfaces properly, without leaving streaks
  • We can adjust the pressure to match each surface and avoid tearing up your exterior

We can clean all kinds of surfaces properly. Schedule siding, sidewalk, walkway or driveway pressure washing services when you call 336-900-7773 now.